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New Taipei Metropolitan Park Panoramic
Wugu Wetland Area
An uncharted wonderland in the city, take a deep breath with wetland birds. At the confluence of Tamsui River and Keelung River, there is a national wetland located in the city. It contains blomming wildflowers in spring, flying swallows in summer, vast reed waves in autumn, and winter migrant that covers the sun. If you need a quiet place to sort out your confusion thoughts, pay a visit here! Without being fatiguing an uncharted wonderland where you can walk right into anytime to take a deep breath with wetland birds.
Breeze Canal Area
Travel along the canal and enjoy refreshing summer time. Breeze Canal is 13.5 meters in width with high water safety and full facilities, and it is the dedicated canal of international competitions. You can watch professional championship contest of dragon boat, canoeing, and triathlon. You can also visit the Water Sport Center underneath the Lu Bridge to experience various water activities, including windsurf board, canoe, and stand-up paddling. Breeze Canal can take away the clammy feeling of the heat and let you enjoy a refreshing summer time.
Metropolitan Sports Area
Head to the sun and get back those passionated memories of youth. It is a park covering a vast area which contains various and broad fields for ball games. People can enjoy skating, playing baseball, and remote-controlled cars here. You can also rent a small field of farmland to grow your own vegetables. Staying here, the sun shines on the grass and the light wind gently brushing through the cheeks seems can take us back to the moment when we were shouting for victory on the field and get back the simple and wonderful memory of youth.
Parent-Child Playground
Paradise for children where brings a whole day happiness. Located next to New Taipei Huanhe Expressway (MRT Sanchong Station) where has good public transport, with a total length of 800 meters slide, visitors can slide into the amusement park from the entrance of MRT. Themed with "Indigenous Species in Taiwan" and perfectly combines with the embankment to install 31 slides and 100 sets of equipment and facilities in order to create a parent-child playground with much fun and challenges, will definitely daze and dizzy you as well as make you become playful. Find a grass and place your picnic mat to enjoy some delicious food. The sheepcot beside allows you to get up close and personal with the sheeps, truely and perfect spot to be idleness and relax. It brings you a whole day happiness doesn't matter how old you are.